We value our customer relationships and know that satisfied customers are the best marketing tools we can employ. Here’s what they have to say about us…

My Wife and I were looking for a contractor to build our final home for retirement. We interviewed several local Contractors and when we met with Selle Valley Construction we know we had the right people. We made an immediate connection with Barbara who has helped us with many of our decisions as well as Jesse her office manager. Scott set us up with a fantastic Architect Eric Owens and we were on our way. The process has been excellent and the result, our new home, is AMAZING! We get so many people that stop by and compliment our home design and look. We are so pleased with the result. If you are looking for a Contractor in the North Idaho area we highly recommend Selle Valley Construction. They are very professional and have excellent subcontractors. They are very particular and do not cut corners. If you want a great home you can't go wrong with Selle Valley Construction!

Daniel Deslauriers – Client

The experience of buying a home from Selle Valley Construction was both educational and delightful. I admire their initiative to refine their skills by continuing their education of green building. Also admirable is their passion for getting the job done right, not just getting the job done.


You both are amazing people, a wonderful couple and a great company to work with. Thank you for taking all my ideas and turning them into a home? I’m sure this had been a difficult project, but I thank you again for all your help and ideas. I’m sure we are pretty small potatoes for you, but you make it feel like we are a priority.

The Collins

Selle Valley Construction are in the elite group of builders who understand the true value of energy efficient, sustainable homes. With a solid foundation of building science and a commitment to continuing education their homes are second to none. They are a pleasure to work with!

Peter Anderson, owner
Anderson Consulting

We worked with Selle Valley on a FabCab project in Idaho. They were very straightforward, competent, and easy to work with. All project issues were resolved quickly and professionally, and the work speaks for itself.


Selle Valley Construction is your one stop shop for finding a team to help bring your project to life. Barb will work with you hand in hand to find all the perfect materials and finishes that meet all your needs. Scott is an extremely talented builder that exemplifies the importance of being a true "Craftsman". We like to get the Selle Valley team on board early in the design process so we can utilize all aspects of their passion for creating great projects. They have a well-rounded understanding of the latest construction methods and materials and work within your budget to maximize the outcome. Great people with amazing talent!

Sayler | Owens | Kerr design studio

We have worked with Selle Valley Construction on a few different custom homes, and have had great experiences. They are very well organized, meet the homeowner's schedules, and do quality work. Experts in green technology, they are also savvy in cost effective solutions, from materials to energy efficiency/high performance homes. Our clients were all very happy with their work as well, which speaks volumes.

Hendrick’s Architecture

Selle Valley Construction has provided the highest quality workmanship for all our projects with which they have worked for us...4 in all, so far! In addition to having a wonderful team of craftspeople, they offer great advice and solutions to questions we pose. Scott has even provided unsolicited advice for our DIY projects which saved us [literally] in time, money, and peace of mind. He has even bid a small job for us and then said we didn't really need it done, talking himself out of work. They build relationships as well as homes, and we feel very blessed to have found them and have them doing the work to make the house we purchased a true home for us. To date, they have done a complete interior remodel, replaced all exterior and some interior doors, built two new decks with the most beautiful railings we have ever seen and helped with an exterior sun-blocking project. We are happy to recommend them to everyone!! And we will have them do more projects for us in the future.

Vicky Ferrera – Client

Selle Valley Construction built our beautiful, perfect home this year. It is 2,000 square feet, much smaller than their big, gorgeous lake homes, but they gave us (and the house) all of the time and attention needed. Right up front, they give a very detailed estimate including three price ranges for every little thing. They consider it their job to build the house the buyer will love, at a price the buyer can afford. Barbara and Jesse helped me pick out every little thing for the house, to my taste. In areas where I wasn't sure, Barb's excellent taste guided me, but never dominated. For example, I wanted some very unusual back splash tiles for the kitchen. Barb expressed some doubt, but was supportive of my decision, then Jesse found the exact tiles at a low price. If I didn't like the choices they gave me, for anything, they would persist in searching until they found something I liked, even if I was ready to give up and settle for something I didn't like. Scott and Jeremy (the foreman) are experienced and talented builders who work hard.  Read more at houzz.com

Jeanne Duffner – Client

Selle Valley Construction has built 2 projects that I designed. I have been impressed with their level of professionalism, craftsmanship, and customer service. They are great at facilitating communication between all of the parties involved in the project and in making sure that the owner is pleased with the end result. Scott's knowledge of building science and technology is impressive, and my experience has been that he is able to deliver top quality, high performance homes that meet tight budgets in a timely manner. I will definitely look to Selle Valley Construction to build more of my projects in the future.

Straight Line Building Design, LLC

I have worked with Selle Valley Construction on a number of projects and am always impressed with their level of service and communication to their customer. They work hard to respect their customers’ budget limitations and they are clear from the beginning about the budget they are shooting for so it makes my job easier since I know which products to direct the customer toward. They do this whether it is the smallest remodel or the largest custom home and that is why they have such good reputation and get additional work based upon referral from past customers and vendors. In a small town like ours reputation means a lot since you see your customers at the grocery store, post office, etc.

Karin Jeffres - Selkirk Glass & Cabinets

Selle Valley Construction are in the elite group of builders who understand the true value of energy efficient, sustainable homes. With a solid foundation of building science and a commitment to continuing education their homes are second to none. They are a pleasure to work with!

Peter Anderson – Anderson Consulting

I've had the privilege of inspecting a couple of homes built by Barbara and Scott Schriber. They specialize in energy and space efficient homes and do an excellent job with design and construction. Barbara and Scott are always a pleasure to work with.

Jan Lee – Sandpoint Inspection