The Building Process

We believe in providing our clients with clear billing procedures and only deal with reputable and reliable suppliers and subcontractors.

In general, we will prepare an Estimate for your project based on the plans you provide and details you disclose during our pre-construction meetings. Our Estimate is broken down in detail by each stage of construction and differentiates labor and materials. Each invoice will be based on time and materials, and will include a spreadsheet that shows a running balance for each component so you are well informed of our progress and adherence to the budget.

Any successful home construction project begins with a realistic budget.

We suggest your first meeting be with your financial planner and/or banking consultant. Every detail from the choice of building lot to lighting fixtures is dependent on your budget. We would be happy to recommend a local lender should you need one.

We would be happy to help you evaluate a potential home site. A few of the factors to consider are:

  • Developed vs. undeveloped
  • CC&R’s, if any
  • Set backs and easements
  • Utilities: Sewer v. septic, well v. public water, natural gas v. propane
  • Accessibility, especially during the winter
  • Drainage, especially during the spring

A good architect or draftsman will ask many questions to determine what components are important to you.

Windows, privacy, views, energy efficiency, etc. We have worked with a number of great local architects and designers and would be happy to make a recommendation should you want one.

We provide each client with a Specification Sheet tailored to their home plans, from siding and windows to bathroom cabinet hardware.

This sheet helps with the pre-construction planning process and serves as a checklist for every decision that should be made prior to construction commencement.

Our contract clearly defines our expectations for your project, including builder responsibilities, owner responsibilities, our change order procedure and pricing structure.

Our detailed Estimate is attached to the contract, as well as an Estimate Explanation.

Now the fun begins!

We hope that through the pre-construction procedures we have earned your confidence and trust to ensure construction of your home be as stress and pain free as possible.

Pre-Construction Planning
Early Project Involvement

The enormity of your decision to build a new home is not lost on us and we strive to make the process as enjoyable as possible. In addition, we have been on the client end of the relationship and understand the overwhelming number of decisions that need to be made. We are here to provide you with the tools you may need to make those decisions and guidance when you want it.

During our initial pre construction meeting we want to learn about your wants, needs and style. Our goal is to merge your ideas with your budget.

The better the planning done before the commencement of a project the better we are able to ensure your project stays on schedule and on budget. Accordingly, we provide Homeowners with a pre-construction checklist to help you with the planning and decision making. Bear in mind that changes can still be made during the building phase, however, the above processes are designed to eliminate this necessity wherever possible. But we do understand that changes are sometimes unavoidable.